Monday, March 12, 2007

I made this cardigan on size 3 needles from the second Stitch n Bitch for my mom's birthday. She got it over a month late but I think it came out well.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

The flower I ever made, it also taught me how to use double pointed needles. Kind of looks like a giant starfish

First pair of mittens I made
Even though they look huge, they fit him.
Obvioulsy he has some pretty big hands

Fishnets I made for a friend

They were so cool andHOT PINK

I made this pegiun for Molly's nephew and he named it LoveCandy and gave it fake baths and stuff it was cute

I made this poncho for my roommate in 3 days in my crazy Christmas knitting rush this year

The picture in Stich'n'Bitch was so cute I had to make them.
Even though there was no baby, so I gave them to my Chinese teacher for her newborn

I loved this scarf. So easy to make

The swirls are so pretty

I loved this sweater. The skulls were so cool and I made it in a week. But the neck was too small and the sleeves were too wide so I gave it away like always

Theis is the first scarf I made with two colors, It has her initals, but I didn't know how to prevent the curling, since I did it on my own so its illegible

Also ignore Molly she is making a wierd face

The start

Whenever I get bored with the internet, I start searching other people's knitting blogs for new fun things to make. After all making the same hat 20 times gets a little boring.
So I'm going to post all the stuff I've knit in the past two years in one go.